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Current Opportunities

Job Title: Financial Analyst


San Antonio, TX

Position Status:

Full - Time

Job Summary:

Responsible for timely completing, developing and analyzing internal and external reports to expand best practices for strategic financial, investment, and asset liability management of TransPecos Banks.

Responsible for managing and maintaining proper financial and investment files. Also responsible for writing procedures for current practices and future practices that are put in place. Asset Liability Management ("ALM") and Asset Liability Committee ("ALCO") encompasses current and forecasted earnings; liquidity and liquidity risks; capital and adequacy of capital; interest rates on deposits and

loans; economic/Fed interest rates and interest rate risk; and assessing current and potential changes to products and fees.Key deliverables will be to provide reports and analyses timely; able to verify data integrity of internal and external reports; able to provide a summary and/or recommendations of ALM, profitability and other related reports; and able to organize and maintain files.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works closely with Corporate Treasurer to create a strong strategic financial management program;
  • Develop, prepare, analyze and/or provide custom and system generated reports to management, market leaders and/or all bank associates;
  • Verify and confirm data integrity of internally and externally generated reports;
  • Prepare and analyze organizational, branch and product profitability reports;
  • Maintains department files including but not limited to the files of the asset liability committee, capital, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to market risk, and broker, bond and equity investment files;
  • Maintain work papers for reports that are produced;
  • Serve as Secretary of the management‐level and/or board‐level Asset Liability Committees;
  • Has a strong understanding of policies related to strategic financial management, liquidity and investments;
  • Prepare and analyze short and long term projections based off changes to products, services, interest rates and liquidity;
  • Demonstrate appropriate understanding and knowledge of current laws and regulations and the impact of potential changes that may affect asset liability management;
  • Identify inconsistencies or trends through the analysis of internally and externally prepared reports;
  • Provide timely, relevant and accurate reporting and analysis of the bank's performance against historical, budgeted, forecasted and strategic planning results to facilitate decision making toward the achievement of the budget and strategic plan;
  • Maintain and develop various asset liability and financial models ensuring quality, accuracy and focused analytic review;
  • Develop and maintain procedures to complete various reports; and
  • Any other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience:

Bachelor's Degree or higher in a business related concentration; 2+ years of bank experience preferred.

Key Competencies:

Broad‐based experience in banking

Results oriented.

Exceptional time management and organizational skills.

Working knowledge of laws and regulations as well as ALM and the

banking industry.

Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

Proven ability to effectively present information and respond to

questions from supervisor and ALCO members.

Strong PC experience to include Microsoft Windows (Word and Excel)

and analysis software products.