ATM Locations


  • 115 W. Third St., last lane of the motor bank


  • 109 W. Hwy. 90, on the east side of the building


  • 402 W. Holland in the last lane of the motor bank

ATM Safety and Security Recommendations

ATM Safety Tips

  • Commit your PIN to memory and never share your PIN
  • As you approach an ATM, be aware of your surroundings
  • Wait until you leave the ATM to count your money
  • Immediately, report a lost or stolen card to the bank

Walk-up ATM Safety Tips

  • Have your card ready when you approach the ATM
  • Wait until previous customers have finished their transactions
  • Stand close to the ATM when entering your PIN

Drive-up ATM Safety Tips

  • Pull up close to ATM
  • Remain in your car with doors locked
  • Keep your car running while operating the ATM