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Debit Cards

TPB is committed to protecting your money from debit card fraud. Performing debit card transactions with TransPecos Banks provides the security you need, and each banking representative is committed to protecting your money from debit card fraud. One of the ways we safeguard your money is by monitoring debit card activity outside of our geographical region. When we suspect fraudulent activity, we may suspend debit card usage in an area.

Banking Safety Tips for Debit Cards:

  • If you are traveling outside of our region, please contact your local branch so you will not have any   interruptions in your services.
  • If you find yourself in a blocked area, you may still use your card with your PIN number. Only signature-based transactions will be blocked.
  • Look around before you approach an ATM.
  • Use ATM's that you are familiar with. 
  • Lock car doors and secure windows at Drive-up ATM's.
  • Have your Card ready while approaching the ATM.
  • Use ATM's that are well lit and safe.
  • Secure cash as quickly as possible.
  • Do not keep your pin number in the same place you keep your debit card.
 Signed Debit Card Transactions
 To better protect you against fraudulent use of your TransPecos Banks (TPB) Debit Card, signed transactions at the following merchant types: Grocery/Supermarket, Pharmacy, Home Supply Warehouse and Variety Stores in the states of GA, TN, MS, CT,MI,NC,NJ,NY,OH,IL,CA, and FL limited to $49 per transaction. If your purchase at these locations is greater than this limit, you can complete your purchase using your PIN. If you do not remember your PIN, please call TPB Customer Care at 877-445-9550 or 210-228-9960 for assistance.

Debit Card Transactions in Foreign Countries

The security and protection of your accounts is our top priority. To safeguard your accounts against potential fraud we began blocking signature-based debit card transactions as of July 23, 2009 from all foreign countries. This means you will need to use your PIN in conduction with your debit card transaction in a foreign country. if you are planning a trip outside of the United States, and prefer to sign for your debit card transaction you will need to contact us. TPB at 877-445-9550 or 210-228-9960.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Report lost, found or stolen card immediately to TransPecos Banks: PO Box 2037, Pecos, TX 79772 or 1-432-445-9000. If you are unable to reach us, please call 1-800-523-4175.

Travel Alert

Please notify us if your plans are to travel outside of the state of Texas so we can prevent any suspended transactions.