Clients who wish to invest more than the FDIC limit can still get CD-level returns while enjoying full FDIC insurance through the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry ServiceĀ® (CDARS).

CDARS is a great way to earn high yields on amounts up to $50 million while keeping all of your money safe. Let us invest your funds with other participating banks—you will only work with us and receive one combined statement. CDARS makes it easy to get peace of mind while maximizing returns.

To apply, call or come into your local branch.

Features & Benefits
  • Competitive, fixed, CD-level interest rates
  • Full FDIC insurance up to $50 million
  • Wide range of maturities
  • One convenient statement
  • One bank relationship to manage multiple CDs
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateralization
  • Reduced paperwork obligations
  • Funds support local lending initiatives
How CDARS works

TransPecos Banks can offer CDARS because we are a member of a special network. When you place a large deposit with TransPecos Banks, we use CDARS to place your funds into multiple certificates of deposit issued by banks in the network in increments of less than the standard FDIC limit.

Because each CD amount is under that limit, both principal and interest are eligible for full FDIC insurance, and you receive just one regular statement detailing all your holdings.